Thursday, September 1, 2011

Little Known Secret of Olympic & World Championship Throws Competitions!

At these big international meets the implements are provided by the competition.  Athletes may NOT use their own gear.  A cart with several rows of implements is wheeled out to the throwing area for the throwers.

YOU MAY NOT KNOW THIS  but only one or two of the implements are close to the legal weight.  Of the 20 or more implements available 18 or 19 are 12% - 15% over weight.  Most men's discii weigh 2.3kg to 2.5kg.  Most women's discii are 1.25kg.  In the shot it is about 7.75kg for men and 4.5kg for women.

THIS IS WHY only one or two throwers come close to their season's best in the Big Meet while all others are well of their top form.  Look at the results with so many 66m men throwing the discus 60m-62m at the World Championships.

Physically all are ready to go.  That's the easy part.  Mentally however, only one or two are sharp enough to know which implements are the best to throw!  This awareness is the result of a consistent, stable, well grooved technique and rhythm and confidence resulting from a record of success.   ;-)  Mac

See more of this stuff at Mac Wilkins Throws Channel at YouTube, The Wilkins Review, and Mac Wilkins web site.

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