Thursday, October 25, 2007

Getting Started

This blog will be a start to getting more involved in the throwing world.
I look forward to your input over time on how to make this a better resource

What’s Coming:
Building a Website to cover “Mac’s World of Throws”

This blog is to be a resource for throwers and coaches at all levels:
Beginners of all ages,
Middle and High School

I will be posting technical information open for discussion from you.

Products & Services that will include:
DVD & VHS Gold Medal Discus and Basic 70’ Shot Putting
Downloadable: Sequence Photos, Mini clips that “peel the layers off the onion”.
Webinars with Mac and “friends” including live Q&A
On Demand Webinars: Recordings of the above live Web shows.
Video Analysis by Mac - Share a live analysis of a video of your throw with Mac

Some products will be free and some will be for a fee.


SBT said...

Hey Mac, this blog looks great. Looking forward to keeping up to date with your throwing world.

Mickey Cutler said...

Mac I'm looking forward seeing where this goes as it develps. I just got back into the game last year.
Mickey Cutler "Multiple Mick"

Mac said...

Hey Multiple Mick good to hear from you. They have started putting up our building today.

Mickey Cutler said...

Mac, I'm going to come with Louisiana to the Nov. 9th clinic in the Bay area. Looking forward to seeing you guys. What a great idea on the throws center. We need more of them and more kids in the elementary scholl level getting introductions to our sport.

Gary Aldrich said...

Mac the center looks awesome. I hope you will talk about the center at the NTCA Convention. See you there

Gary Aldrich

Dean said...

I can remember you throwing the discus into a thick fog at 6 AM from the corner of the parking lot at Clover Park High School while I was out for my training run. I remember asking you if there were any cars out there and you said, "doesn't sound like it yet". The Throwing Center looks like a very nice evolution from where you started.

Mac said...

Ouch! Dean! I did hit one once after school. We had rubber discs and the parking lot was hard packed dirt and gravel. I couldn't wait for everyone to move their cars. the throw turned over, landed on its edge bounced high and came down right in the middle of the hood of the car. Made a nice crease and whacking noise. Suddenly I felt the need to start working over at the shot put area.

DtmElite said...


I met you at PDX today. You were gracious enough to autograph your itineary for me. What a thrill it was for me to meet you, on your birthday no less, and talk with you for a brief few seconds.

Your blogspot looks great!

Ken McFadden
Frontier Airlines

shot said...

Hello Mac
how can i get help form you , iam living very far from you

K-1 said...

I just read every word of your new website. Your throwing center is an awesome undertaking, really impressive. It represents a lifetime of dedication, love and commitment to our sport. You are making dreams come true for every american athlete who has ever loved to throw. Keep up the great work. I wish you all the best,
Kate Schmidt

adam said...

Hey Mac

Mett one of your students at Hood River today. Thanks for sharing the kids seem to realy like her
Thanks Adam Carmack
Clatskanie High School

James said...

Mac, beautiful and I am glad that the US has a center dedicated to the throws. This is a long time coming! I am moving up to Portland and I hope I can get involved. I'd love to give back to others.

James Parker
Hammer thrower

Daniel said...

HI Mac, Doug, Dean and I got together over the weekend and they told me about your new Throw center I couldn't be happier for you. I remember in high school how you moved my interest and passion about shot and discus throwing up several notches that summer when we spent about two weeks at your home while your parents were on vacation. We would wake up lifting weights, go the the track to throw and then finish off in the pool. And the freezer was filled with steaks. That kind of discipline, commitment and steaks was new to me at the time. Hope to see you there at your throw center this summer sometime. If you don't mind, I'll probably need some pointers on my form for discus. Dan Pritchard...

Mac said...

Send me your contact info. My email is